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another music video idk

Project3DAnimationMusic Video

Let me preface this by saying that while all assets (apart from flumes logo) that feature in this video are made or (in the case of fonts) owned by myself, they are heavily (and I mean heavily) based on the works of Jonathan Zawada, who creates flume's visuals. So if you want to see more art similar to this you can find plenty created by them Time wise I spent around 20-30 hours working on this (don't know exactly how long but probably around 20). The first thing I did was listen to the song on repeat and drew every idea I had into a notebook until something felt right and created a tiny storyboard as a rough guide for the final product. Then I created the 3D model of the flower (the flower is a foxglove btw) myself along with the textures. I did this in blender, which is a free application available to anyone and used an addon called 'animation nodes' to rig it. Once I had 3-4 different scenes of the flower growing or spinning I moved onto making the icons that appear throughout the video. I created 21 different greyscale icons in illustrator and exported them individually into a folder. Once I had all the assets, I moved onto the creation of the video itself inside of after effects. I recoloured the icons using the change to colour effect and used various distortion effects from Boris fx's sapphire and continuum packs to give it that trippy feel. I added a dark grey (not black) background then tweaked a few things until I was happy with the result.