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Tactile Features


This piece is designed to show the trauma or experiences that are within relationships that usually go unnoticed by outsiders. The hands are coloured the same as venomous animals to represent the damage that an unhealthy relationship can cause, the intersecting of the fingers is to expand on this.

Thumbs Up
I really wanted to explore emotions and façades that people put on. This piece is a representation of that façade, with the glitched lines beneath the hand and the colours used to show a fractured state of mind.

The unnatural proportions of the hand are designed to reflect the effect of an unhealthy addiction on the body. The colours are made to be more ‘psychedelic’ to further extend the meaning.

Finally, I felt that the idea of letting go and loss should be addressed. I used vibrant contrasting colours with positive and negative connotations to show the importance of letting go and the detrimental nature and struggle of holding on to fears or biases.